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Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner!

The process of dance training involves quite a few obstacles, one of which being adolescent development. Social, biological, and psychological changes are a crucial transition both in and outside of dance class. According to Christine E. Kehoe, the Melborn School of Psychological Sciences June 2014, adapting into both new parental and educational teaching demands causes social challenges of emotional anxiety for our talented youth today.

When my parents were in middle school, after school extra curricular activities ended before dinner time. As a young teenager, I clearly remember rushing home on my bicycle just to make dinner time. Dancers are training in an age where their classes potentially are scheduled and scattered from four to five different nights a week.

This leaves little room for a dancer to either be involved with their family at dinner or even trying new activities immediately after school.

A recent survey conducted by Eckrich(R), a product of ConAgra Foods, found that 40 percent of American families eat dinner together only three or fewer times a week, with 10 percent never eating dinner together at all.

From the school choir on campus, traveling for horseback riding lessons, and just barely making it back to ballet class on time, our dancers need the important quality of making family memories that sure do last a lifetime. Studies show that family socialization decreases both physical and emotional stress with increasing positive academic abilities.

Monica and Allison have developed the DANCE COALITION curriculum and instruction with quality level placement to have dancers at the studio two nights or less during the work week. The class schedule takes dancers safely through their dance lesson flow while utilizing their time in the most effective way possible. The love of a family is life's greatest blessings and the DC dancers have the opportunity to finally come home for dinner. So let's pass the gravy and get to talking!

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