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Ode to the Leotard

'Tis recital season. Red lipstick, false eyelashes, gallons of hairspray, and for some dancers... showing more skin than they thought they would

What ever happened to the leotard? I know what you are thinking; "Leotards are out of style, two pieces are in!". We get it. We understand keeping up with the times. Though there comes a moment in every dance parent's life when they ask themselves, "When did my little girl grow up?". Unfortunately, we are seeing parents ask themselves sooner than they should have to. 40 really is the new 55 in dance-parent life.

There are many arguments out there that say a girl should be able to wear whatever she wants and feel confident, that you have to keep up with the trends to win at competitions, that it is just a belly. At the DANCE COALITION, we like to believe that a dancer does not need to bare more and more skin to keep up with the ever rising bar at dance competitions. In fact, we vow to train our dancers that their body is their instrument, to take care of and nurture.

So we ask you again, what ever happened to the leotard; the perfectly designed fashion piece for dance that not only elongated the torso, but also drew attention to the dancer's long lines, her strong back, and her performance-ready smile? And how about those stunning dresses; the ones that flowed elegantly with her intense triple pirouette and powerful piqué arabesque? Why, ladies, must we bare all on stage?

We have always felt that if you need to "cover up" in your costume to wake outside, the same rule should apply for walking on stage.

Allison and Monica have been called in this life to build brilliant dancers. They have it on their heart to teach young ladies self-worth, confidence, and the joy of dance. Wearing tasteful costumes allows the dancers to think about the art, the music, and the joy that they are creating for the audience without worrying about who is watching and whether or not their costume is staying in place.

This is our ode to the leotard. We're bringing' it back!

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