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The Heart Behind The DANCE COALITION

From the start, they had their hearts set on Mariemont. Such a quaint, sweet, beautifully created town without a dance studio in sight! Any entrepreneur will tell you to start with a "pain point". After all, you cannot provide a service without a need. The need that they saw for Mariemont, Terrace Park, Indian Hill, and Fairfax is a dance community.

Allison and Monica met as co-coaches at Turpin High School. After sharing a team for a few months, it was quickly recognized that they both had a dream planted deep down in their gut that they would someday own their own dance studio. Allison has travelled the country performing and teaching the gift that was given to her as a young child at The School for Creative and Performing Arts. Monica grew up in Cincinnati dancing competitively and then moved on to a brief professional dance career before realizing that she was born to teach and create a community.

Together, these two women are building brilliant dancers by raising them in a dance community where everyone is important.

Lately, community has become less valued in society as social media and technology continue to shine in the lime light, over-sexualization of dance has taken over television and the dance world, and injuries are scarring these young bodies for life as the push to conquer unhealthy bodily positions becomes par.

The DANCE COALITION brings dance back to the roots. Coalition dancers are trained and educated in dance history, kinesiology, French vocabulary, and music theory while gaining a well-rounded and healthy dance repertoire. Costuming is age-appropriate and intentionally designed to direct the eyes to the art of movement. The joy of dance is expressed inside and outside of the classroom!

In the Coalition Community, everybody is important, friendships are made, bonds are strengthened, a family is nurtured. Allison and Monica dream that every dancer finds their home at the DANCE COALITION.

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