School Programs

School Dance Programs are near and dear to Allison and Monica's hearts. After all, they are the reason the DC was born! Whether you're an athletic director looking for a dance team coach or a theater director looking for clean and professional choreography, the DC is here for you. 

Once you hand over your program to the loving hands of the DC, you can breathe. Your students will be performing age-appropriate material to clean music in classy uniforms/costumes. Your parents will be pleased and you will be able to finally be proud of your dance program!

Perks of enlisting the DC for your School Dance Program: 

-Certified, educated, professional coaches/choreographers/teachers.

-Award-winning choreography

-Safe, state of the art dance facility

-Cut and edited music

-Clean, classy uniforms/costuming

-An all around organized, exciting, respected dance program.

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